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'52 Business Coupe creation--Pittsburgh-area guys

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  • '52 Business Coupe creation--Pittsburgh-area guys

    For some reason, I seem to remember at Kliment Bros. some time back, what looked like a '52 Studebaker business coupe, although none were actually built by Studebaker. Does anybody else remember this? Reason I ask, some miles north of there is supposedly a '51 business coupe with '52 hood and grille, and V8 engine (no doubt dropped in at some point) and I was wondering if it might be the same car. The fellow showing it is doing so for a friend who lives in Zelionople. Any ideas?

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    When very young, I remember seeing the 51/52 in the showroom as we drove by. I think it was yelllow? No idea what ultimately happened to it though.

    My brother lives in Zelionople so I'll ask him if he knows anything.


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      What we need some energetic type to do (that leaves me out, BTW) - is to take a '51 Biz cpe and a '52 Hardtop and swap front ends on them.
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        There was a fake 52 Champion business coupe, made from a 51 business coupe with a 52 front clip, in San Francisco some 35 years ago. A fellow named Verlyn James was trying to sell it to me.
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          The yellow coupe was sold along with everything else when Kliments was turned into a restaurant, and it was as you described, so the car you saw may well be the same one


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            Yes I talked to the guy about 3 years ago he was a contractor that did some work for the restraunt and ended up with the car. It was for sale then not sure if he sold it or not. It was discussed on this forum.

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              As a conversation piece, a 52 business coupe clone would be neat. To be convincing more than just the front clip would need to be changed. If you wanted to clone a Commander even the dash would have to be swapped.
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