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Tour of Building 84 Postponed

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  • Tour of Building 84 Postponed

    The tour of Building 84 has been postponed.

    Tim Janowiak, the person who has been spearheading this project, mother died this afternoon. We are most likely going to re-schedule this event for the May Meet in South Bend. We will keep you posted well in advance of this future event.

    Please keep Tim and his family in your thoughts at this time, and keep them in your prayers. Tim is a good guy.

    Bob Henning

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    Bob beat me too it, but what he said. We ask that you all please understand the circumstances and keep Tim and his family in your thoughts and prayers. As of right now the tour of 84 is off until May. Sorry for the inconvience. If anything changes I will post it immidately and it would be announced at the meet.
    thank you
    Chris Dresbach


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      'So sorry to hear of that; I'm sure Tim would just as soon be handling the Building 84 tours.

      If it is any consolation: During the Administration Building Tours any time Tuesday, you'll be able to walk to the west end of the building and see an elevated, different view of Building 84, which is on the other side of Lafayette Street from the backside of The Administration Building.

      'Looks like there will be 17 Tour Groups going through The Administration Building; ten in the morning and seven in the afternoon. (I'll be the Docent/Guide on Group #4 at 10:15 Tuesday morning, so try to avoid that one! ) BP
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        Thanks for taking the time to be a guide. This afternoon in our International meeting Andy said it's really hot in that building right now. I also would use the bathroom before going there....