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    Originally Posted by Lark Parker
    Ed, when is "Free Parts for Veterans Day"?

    Now I like that Idea too! I'll bring up maybe some of the 80 or so Veterans that we are taking to Washington DC on September 10th! On the Indy Honor Flight FIRST official flight! We take WWII Veterans to Washington Dc to see the WWII Memorial, at NO cost to them. It's a one day trip, and a long one, but it will be a great trip.

    Lets see, 80 Veterans, hummm, I might get that 64 ragtop finished yet!! LOL

    "We can't all be Heroes, Some us just need to stand on the curb and clap as they go by" Will Rogers

    We will provide the curb for you to stand on and clap!

    Indy Honor Flight

    As of Veterans Day 2017, IHF has flown 2,450 WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans to Washington DC at NO charge! to see
    their Memorials!


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      Gosh darn this was hard to find again...
      (well, not really)

      Sounds like a bunch of fun and deals will be had there Ed.
      I am taking Dad to the airport tomorrow morning.
      He has very special instructions as to this particular thread...

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