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    Thanks Ed. see you in South Bend, Ian has some items for you.....Bob
    Castro Valley,


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      Looking forward to it Ed and team! My wife and I are looking forward to it!



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        Looks like I will have to visit this Sunday.
        Mono mind in a stereo world


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          cool, thanks Ed!


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            Looking forward to looking around.
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              Cool beans, Ed.

              'Good idea to bury the FFF (Free Food Friday) information deep in the seventh paragraph!

              'Good to hear the Commander is finished and will be shown; it promises to be a knockout.

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                Sounds great, Ed.

                The whole family (kids and their spouses and grandson) are coming - so we'll have the Visa cards in hand 'cause a stop at SI means Christmas and birthday shopping too!!
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                  I'm looking forward to see where my money goes for parts and the prompt & reliable service that I have always received from S.I.!


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                    Ed, when is "Free Parts for Veterans Day"?

                    I am going to try and come to S.Bend Thursday. (Dialysis keeps me nailed down here every other day.)
                    I will probably camp at Ted Harbit's space if he will have me.
                    I aim to bring Matthew some tools that I can no longer use.
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                      Another trip to SI. I can't stay out of that place! See you Sunday and probably all week.
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                        Anybody that has NOT seen ed's South Bend "home" needs to go see what he and his crew has done with all those parts!

                        All I can say is one HECK of a job!

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                          SI is a highlight of any SB trip. got some ben franklins for you ed.
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                            I'll need a grocery cart....and blinfolds for all of the employees. There is an all you can put in a shopping cart for free in five minutes coupon in the meet packet....isn't there?????
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                              Originally posted by Lark Parker View Post
                              Ed, when is "Free Parts for Veterans Day"?
                              I really really really like that idea!!!

                              Originally posted by starliner62 View Post
                              There is an all you can put in a shopping cart for free in five minutes coupon in the meet packet....isn't there?????
                              I heard it was more about what'll fit into your ride then your shopping cart...

                              too bad I can't be there in my Parkview- or the StudeBus!!!

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