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OMG....what a survivor!!!!

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  • OMG....what a survivor!!!!

    The best restored cars never look as good.

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    What a beautiful car. One of these is on my bucket list.
    Jamie McLeod
    Hope Mills, NC

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      Well there you go Jamie....just click BIN and check one more thing off the bucket list.


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        We had one in the shop last year; brakes weren't working. The Treadle-Vac needed rebuilt. Tires were original bias and left front had a crack at least six inches long. Put it up on the hoist and...OMG!!!!! Everything shifted.
        Body mounts had been replaced with pieces of steel pipe. Spray foam had been sculpted to resemble inner rockers. The exterior looked decent from five feet but we couldn't get a magnet to stick anywhere.
        The new owner had fallen in love with a pretty car.
        We had the T-V rebuilt, replaced the steering stabilizer and replaced the tires; made it safe enough for him to drive it home and put it back on the market.
        He sold it for what he bought it for. It only cost him $1200 for the ten miles he managed to put on it.
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          Very nice Packard. A bit expensive IMO?


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            I posted fotos of a 4-door awhile back. It was almost as nice as this one although it had more miles on it. Not even sure what model it was, but it's still sitting in the garage where I viewed it. Owner got it when his dad passed and left it to sonny boy. Guy has no desire to get it on the road again, but doesn't want to part with it either.
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              I'd have to agree, Jeff.
              This is the only way to put a price on originality.
              62 GT


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                So what does a new 5000 mile Caddy, Lexus, Lincoln,Infinity cost. I'd ask that too if i owned it. Only thing is you couldn't really drive it much. But you'd turn lots of heads.
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                  What a beautiful car. Looks like it still has an old PA State Inspection sticker on the windshield. 1967, if I'm not mistaken, from the colors on it and the diagonal slash.

                  Back in '08 at the SDC International meet in Lancaster, PA, I found where the Packard Lancaster dealership was located. I wonder if anyone associated with that dealership was still around who came to the show? I meant to do some research on this before the meet but never got around to it.

                  Dave Bonn
                  '54 Champion Starliner


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                    I copied the following from the Barrett Jackson site:

                    Lot Number:


                    Auction: SCOTTSDALE 2010 Status: SOLD Sale Type: NO RESERVE Price: *$41,800.00


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                      I don't understand "auctions" like this. There is a $35,000 opening bid even though there is a reserve on the car. There is a BIN of $40,000. This only leaves $5000 of auction room. He is also selling a 1954 Lincoln Capri hardtop with a $200 opening bid and a $33,300 BIN. This makes more sense. The different manner of auctioning these two cars is strange.

                      The Packard is also a two door hardtop, not a "2 door sedan". He must know the difference because he lists the 1954 Lincoln as a hardtop.

                      That looks like an antique Legend coupe behind the Packard (by the garage door).
                      Gary L.
                      Wappinger, NY

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                        Originally posted by studegary View Post
                        That looks like an antique Legend coupe behind the Packard (by the garage door).
                        To the younger kids, it would be an 'antique'. And, at least here, if its a 1987, it qualifies for 'antique' plates. To me, that car would qualify as a two door sedan, considering the rear windows can be raised and lowered, unlike most later two doors.



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                          As a kid I tried talking my dad into buying one just like it when it was sitting in front of the used car dept. of Woodbridge Auto Sales, the Olds dealer in town. He didnt buy it but at least he went & looked at it, so I got him motivated at least that much. As I recall it was for sale for $895.00. It is also on my bucket list.
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