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53 C quarter window replacement

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  • 53 C quarter window replacement

    looking at doing the above to my car. Looked in the manual, and they are talking about "dum dum", what is that and where would i get some, anyone know?


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    Ask your auto parts store for 3M strip calk # 8578.

    Also used it for the windshield and backlight install, as well as back fenders, cowl trim and just about anywhere you might want to inhibit moisture from infiltrating.
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      From the deep recesses of my memory it is the putty-like material also used to set glass panes into (house) windows. Seemed to act as both a sealant and an adhesive of sorts.

      A good hardware store would have it or a modern alternative.

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        If its what I think it is its a soft pliable putty like substance thats used extensively in recreational vehicles around the windows and to plug any holes that the siding doesn't cover. Its basically non-hardening and can be bought at any recreational vehicle dealership.


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          We have it at SI, it's right in the showroom. Can get it while at the International. The part number and price escapes me right now, but I know we have it.
          Chris Dresbach


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            Thanks guys, I've seen the 3m stuff, i'll pick some up.