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Items for both SDC and ASC auctions

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  • Items for both SDC and ASC auctions

    My deceased friend, David Johnston, left me a considerabler cache of parts and other Studebaker memoribilia. I have and will continue to use many of the parts for late model Larks. I have given many of the items to people who had complementary cars or had a need for an item.
    To cut to the chase, I have several manuals, etc. of Dave's that I plan to take to SB for the auction to be donated in Dave's name. I'm just wondering what they might bring, and woiuld like to make everyone here, who might be interested, aware of their availability.
    Not pictured is an original Studebaker's 1952, 100th YR anniversary book/magazine.
    (The only reason I'm letting this go is that I have another copy that is still in the envelope addressed from Studebaker to an employee at that time. It was given to me by the son of the employee.) It's in good condition, no tears.
    The others are shop manuals covering years 1953-1958. There is one Chilton repair book in fair condition (slightly worn, not torn) from 1954 to 1963. There is a packet of information about repairs along with a paint chart for 1958 models.
    I hope they bring a fair price. I'm sure Roberta, Dave's wife, will be happy for everyone involved regardless what the sales price.
    Would you good people venture an opinion as to what they, realistically, might bring?
    I, personally, thought they would be good sale items even if they didn't bring top dollar.
    I've been looking for something for the ASC auction, but I don't have any parts. The only thing I've found, so far, is an old metal license topper that reads,"I'd Rather Fix Than Switch." Is that woirth bringing? Thanks for your comments.
    I am having trouble posting pictures. I will keep trying.
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    The proceeds from both auctions go to the Club, and are excellent causes. I am unable to venture a price on them. For the Studebaker auction, come to the Registration area, and ask for Mike Lepay, or Tim Janowiak. They will put them on display in the Auction Item room. Please mention to them that you would like to have Auctioneer Richard Dormois mention that they are donated in Dave's name. Please email Rex at, and he should be able to tell you about the ASC auction better than I am able to.


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      I have had several of those 100th anniversary items. I have always sold them for $20 each. I only have my own copy just now.
      At any charity/organization auction, items often go for more than they would at a normal, open auction. Some people get competitive, others show off and some just bid more due to the cause.
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

      SDC member since 1968
      Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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        How do I donate items to be auctioned? I'll be arriving on Monday.
        '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
        Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club