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Where to park at the Fairgrounds

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  • Where to park at the Fairgrounds

    If you are a vendor, camper, or car corral person, you will go in Gate 2.

    If you are a person that is going to the Swap Meet, welcome! You will follow the signs to Gate 4. There you will be greeted by a person who will ask to see your name badge. If you don't please have $5 ready. We don't mean to be prudes (add your own word there) but it is not fair to those that have signed up. Please help us all out and understand that. Then please safely park anywhere in that huge parking lot.

    If you need to pick up a large item, we can arrange for you to get in so that you may pick up your item.

    If you have handicapped parking, follow the signs to the Handicapped area which is close to the Commercial Building. The Commercial Building is the building that the May Meet is held.

    If you have specific questions about parking, please post them here.

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    Bob, Is there a map of the fair ground that shows the lay out and access streets? Also, will there be a gathering area there where we can park and hang out or walk over to the swap meet? This is the first meet I have been to where the display areas is away from the host hotel so not sure how those things happen here. I am assuming there will be parking lot gatherings just not sure where.

    Pat Dilling
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      There are many places to hang out. While there are many ways to get there, going down Ironwood and turning on Jackson Road to Gate 4 is probably the only way to go. There are numerous places to hang out at the Fairgrounds. My wife and I cruised went to local hotels, and after we found a hotel full of Studebakers shut our car off and and walked around and made friends quickly. In South Bend, in 2007, we had the most fun at the Cruise-in downtown on Thursday night. Be sure and go there. We are expecting 300 cars downtown. I would also suggest the parking lot of the Century Center most any night.


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        Bob, Where do cars for display only park ? Thanks Bob


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          I assume you mean on Thursday. Display only cars will park in their respective Division with cars that are being judged. The only difference is that you will have a placard on the windshield of your car that says, "Display" instead of "Judged". This placard will be in your Registration Pack. If you didn't get one, and you paid to have your car displayed go to the Registration Desk. We will also have some at the Fairgrounds in case you forgot yours. No offense, but we will have to check your name before you get another placard. Believe it or not there are people who proudly never pay to be in the Concours. You will enter in Gate 7 into the Concours. All you need to do is to go the Fairgrounds and follow the signs. If you have any questions, please stop at a gate and ask for help, and the folks will help you.