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50's truck hood front decal/emblem

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  • 50's truck hood front decal/emblem

    Hello there,
    I have a OEM 50's studebaker truck front decal up for sale on ebay and would like to know its approximate value. I currently have it at $189 as I did a general internet search and saw a similar reproduction one selling for $199. I would like to sell it for a fair price but I am not knowledgeable on these vintage car parts as to their value. Are they hard to find? Any guidance is appreciated in advance. Thanks. Apologies if I put this in the wrong thread.

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    Thats about mid 50's

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      That is a one year only 1955 ornament. It looks pretty pitted and the back side should have several small unthreaded spikes that were used to hold it in place by those small spring clip "speed-nuts." I have seen show chrome ones offered for as much as $300. The market for this particular piece is rather small since it was only offered for the '55. Your best bet for one in this condition is to offer it up on eBay as you are doing and see what it brings. You know what you need to break even on it. I have a few of them. Some are better than yours and some about the same. I have a couple of the trucks and plan to hang on to my spares.

      By the way...Welcome to the forum mooseboy. Forget selling the chrome, just find you a truck to put it on and stay with us!
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        When you said "decal", I expected to see the item for the front of a Scotsman pickup. You are selling a hood nameplate, not a decal.
        The eBay market will determine today's value for what you are selling. At least you are increasing your part's exposure to a good potential audience of purchasers here.
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          well thanks for the info everyone. I guess i should update the auction that its a 1955 model nameplate then? Yeah well when I picked the nameplate up at a local yard sale I had already had in mind that I bet there is someone in this world that is gonna need this particular item at some point in time ha ha. As far as buying the truck that goes with it well ... we can all dream cant we. Ill keep it on ebay for a little while and see what happens. Pass the word along that I gots me one for sale and like all things the price is negotiable as I would like to see it go to a purposeful home.


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            Low demand coupled with low supply makes these kind of a wild card.

            It would appear from your pictures that they might be slightly bent?

            Are all the mounting studs present? That is important.

            Thanks for rescuing these and offering them up, instead of them possibly getting tossed at the end of the yard sale.
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