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  • Love this Ebay Scotsman

    I just love this Scotsman hauler overall, but what I love most is the bed conversion. Admittedly the work involved is probably not for the faint of heart, but that may be one of the best of the late model beds put on one of these. I kept thinking bak to the thread about modern beds for Champs while I was checking it out

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    I have looked at this truck and it is as nice in person as it is in the pictures.
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      I wounder what it would look like with Stude fenders and no running boards. It's a very high quality build, but to me running boards on a C cab just don't look right.
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        Normally I would agree about the running boards on a C cab, but those look right. I generally like everything on the outside of the truck, but not the interior. With the seats set forward and the A/C under the dash, leg room in the already small cab is minimal. It's a beautiful show piece, but unless you were short it would be uncomfortable to drive.
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          WOW ...what a beautiful truck !
          You guys can pick it apart all you want....I just would like to own it <g>

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            I'm pretty sure that's what my Scotsman wants to be when it grows up. I like it.


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              I'm not hammering the builder. I just get tired of seeing Studebaker trucks with bucket seats that don't fit the cab and make them almost unusable. A seat may be very comfortable in a vehicle where it can lean back a bit without being scooted forward, but Studebaker cabs are just not deep enough for most modern seats.
              I still think the builder did a great job putting it together.
              "In the heart of Arkansas."
              Searcy, Arkansas
              1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
              1952 2R pickup


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                not the world's biggest fan of trucks, or of blue paint, but this one? HOLY SMOKES it all comes together. I love it.
                Looks like inspired workmanship and taste to me
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                  That is the most tastefully done Custom I think I have ever seen, and as most of you know Customs are not my thing.
                  But I really would be proud to drive this one!

                  I think that Blue just absolutely POPS, it is just right for that Truck.
                  Just a very well done Truck, the only thing I am not a fan of is the Che*y rear fenders and the crudedly done Tach.
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                    Nice, but no thanks to non original R series hood and grille and lose those running boards!!! One piece windshield is not rare as seller claims.
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                      It is a very nice looking truck and the bed fits well but I agree the chevy fenders just don't look as nice as the ones that came with the truck. And the running boards just don't make sense. You open the door and you have two. That was the special thing about the design in the first place, the inside running boards.

                      Nicely done but I prefer the original design. I like mine better.

                      Click image for larger version

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