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Darrell St. Clair Honoring Drive on September 8th???

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  • Darrell St. Clair Honoring Drive on September 8th???

    My future wife and I are getting married on September 8th 2012. My fiancee inherrited a 49' Champion from her father who passed Feb 2 2012. Since, I have been trying to return the car to working order because she is in hopes that her and I may drive away in the car as did her parents did on their wedding day years ago. The wedding date was set before all this occured so this is all neat how it seems to be coming together. I was thinking of seeing since it is International Drive Your Studebaker Day and in honor of her father. She don't really know much about this. I am just trying to see if there would be a few Studebaker lovers out there that would want to maybe get together after the wedding ceremony for a picture and drive to town in the studebakers in an honoring drive for her father's passing of cancer. If anyone would be interested in this let me know. Thanks

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    Allen, if I were closer, I would be there in a heartbeat! I hope you can pull this off! What a great idea!
    Packard Hawk


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      Thanks. We will see what happens