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Closing 'em Out: $1,629 Brand New!

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  • 2R5
    I'll take 2 ....I can get the Cdn ones here <g>

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  • BobPalma
    started a topic Closing 'em Out: $1,629 Brand New!

    Closing 'em Out: $1,629 Brand New!

    I posted this some time ago, but not before the new scanner made it better.

    This had to be one of the very last advertisements from Company-Owned Studebaker of Indianapolis before it was sold to a group of "investors" who used it to lose money under the name Meridian Motors for a year or so while Studebaker's Automobile Division finished dying.

    The $1,629 advertised cars had to be leftover Challengers from South Bend production after South Bend shut down.

    I ran into an older gentleman some time ago who claimed to have written this ad when he was Sales Manager at Studebaker of Indianapolis, but I do not remember his name. He said that when the Meridian Motors "investors" bought Studebaker of Indianapolis, they were paying just under $1,300 apiece wholesale for however many leftover 64S-F2s (Challenger Six 2-doors) they wanted to buy from South Bend storage lots, that Studebaker was so hyper about getting South Bend-built cars out of South Bend.



    I wouldn't get too excited about that price, I'll bet they even tacked on $30+ for freight...and who knows how much for "prep!"

    Too, the 64S-F2 was the only 1964 Studebaker on which undercoating was not a delete option, so they could have hit you for undercoating unless it was specificed and priced out as a separate option at extra cost on the window sticker. BP

    (I'm ignoring the ad's "Daytona discrepancy" so Gary Lindstrom will have something on which to comment...)