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My new favorite salvage yard...

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  • My new favorite salvage yard...

    Last week I was on a a search for lower Control arms for a 1962 Ford Galaxy 500 Convertible. Having exhausted my normal sources of new or repro collector car parts, I turned to a local yard who referred me to West 29th in Pueblo.... a yard with more than 6,000 cars.

    While the parts were being pulled, I asked about a windshield I also desperately needed, unique to 3 early '60 years of Ford Galaxy convertibles. I was soon in an old building at the back of the yard with old glass neatly racked and inventoried floor to ceiling. Under the years of dirt (that could almost be measured with a ruler), in the rack the inventory identified was the rare windshield I had search for since February.

    The yard has a couple of Larks that I must go back and survey. I know in that huge secret cache of ancient glass must be some rare Studebaker pieces. We'll check that out on our next trip too.

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    Always a treat to find such a place.


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      I believe that you were searching for parts for a Galaxie. Maybe that is why you were having difficulty <G,G>.
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

      SDC member since 1968
      Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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        Galaxy Schmalaxie, nothing new under the Sun.


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          My dad is scapping a '62 Galaxie soon. Atleast it's not a Stude though right. Haha jk, but it really is getting scrapped unless someone saves it first