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41 Commander Coupe Back seat

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  • 41 Commander Coupe Back seat

    Does anyone have pictures of a 41 Commander Coupe and its back seat? I have a 41 Coupe and have no idea how the back is supposed to look. Most pictures are of 4 doors. If anyone had photos of a the rear interior I would appreciate it. If you have a back seat or know of another car that would fit nicely let me know.

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    Are you sure it is supposed to have a back seat? Business coupes didn't. Is yours a 5 or 3 passenger coupe?
    John Clary
    Greer, SC

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      Here is a factory photo of the "double dater" Champion - Commander might have had more room and slightly different seat. At least an idea.


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        I am not sure if it has a back seat. The Floor and frame are from an 87 Caprice. The body plate reads 11AF-3 on the first line and 2116 on the second line. The body does have window cranks in the back and the windows go down. If I try to put a seat in the car it will probably be out of something different just like the front bench seat. The entire interior was gone except for the dash. I do need emblems for hte dash if you know anyone who has them. Thanks for the help guys.