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Free.. Lark Doors, Hoods, Deck Lids, and a few other items.

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  • Free.. Lark Doors, Hoods, Deck Lids, and a few other items.

    Hello everyone,
    I have not posted in a while, but still check here daily for my "fix" of Studebaker talk. I have been busy cleaning up around the back lot, and helping a buddy freshen up his motor and trans in a Champ pick up, plus keeping the wife's wagon maintained and on the road.
    Anyway, I am making another run at cleaning out the stack of parts sitting outside. We helped a neighbor kid make some money this summer by donating some scrap steel, and in turn he cleaned up much of my lot. Sadly, all the rusty and bondo incrusted fenders, and the "bad" rusty and dented doors met the crusher already, that's OK though, steel is up, and the kid got to Texas to see family.
    Obviously, I don't have the heart to send the "good" stuff off for scrap. So, i thought I'd put the word out, its here for the taking, and the list is on the Stude Swap page. If you can pick it up, its yours.
    PM me, and I will forward pictures, and info.
    Riverside, Ca. 92509.
    Riverside, Ca.
    1957 Provincial X2
    1958 Transtar

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    About this few more items, what would it be? Anything from exterior or just major parts from body?