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'59 Lark that used to race at South Bend Speedway

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  • '59 Lark that used to race at South Bend Speedway

    This may be a long shot, but is there anybody here that used to go to the South Bend Speedway back in the '70s and took some photos? There was a '59 Lark stock car, #82 that used to race there driven by Stan Suski. I know him well and he has a few photos of the car that he will give me sometime. We were just wondering if there are any spectator photos out there? I'll post the photos I have of the car when I scan them.
    Chris Dresbach

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    Pictures are #92, not #82


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      More Studebaker short track stock cars can be found at


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        I particularly like the '61 Lark 2 door pictured in the racingthroughtime archives, dated Feb. 17, 2010. That car is so stock it looks like it even has stock Studebaker wheels on it!


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          Chris: 'Hope you don't mind the reference here, but this would be a good place to "plug" Bob Coolidge' excellent Studebakers in NASCAR presentation that will take place in The Studebaker National Museum Tuesday afternoon, July 31, during the SDC International Meet in a couple weeks.

          It will be in the museum's comfy, air-conditioned auditorium and promises to be another excellent show, building on his terrific presentation in Charlotte NC during the 2004 SDC International Meet.

          If folks like Studebakers in Stock Car Racing, " there or be square." No charge, but you will need to have your Meet ID tag...and first-come, first-served on the seating. BP
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            Maybe this will work better...


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              Chris,there is a 59 or 60 LARK in Hein's junk yard that has South Bend Motor Speedway painted on it. I think it used to sit outside on the Western Ave side of the track??