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  • Paint and paint issue....

    Ok, I find myself coming very close to being ready to take the car in to paint....
    I have not found out what the original color was... I don't intend to keep it the same unless it is by pure chance.

    Now, this subject has been brought up before and I have all 3 color sheets for Studebaker paint styles for 39 & 40.... and I have the color sheet titled "color styling for 1940 studebaker commander and president".... Thanks to other members here, so thank you very much!

    Here is my problem.... 2 of my 40's are, for lack of better names... sour apple green.... it would seem that this is called Coleen Green, Light as far as I can tell. This perplexes me as this color is supposed to be "correct" for the make, model and year... yet none of the painting information I have amassed has that color on it specifically for the 40 commander/president? Am I missing somehting? Another color plate perhapse? Or is the color sheet with the 7 colors the correct and only sheet for the 40 commander and president?

    I have opted to stick with one of the 7 colors on the one plate as I wish my color to be correct for the year.

    Please chime in and let me know your thoughts. I am not understanding and am missing something I am sure.

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    Going to one of my favorite sources 'Auto Color Library', I gleaned the following info:
    There are two shades of Colleen Green for the 1939 and 1940 model years;Colleen Green Dark Poly, #40241
    and Colleen Green Light Poly,#40240 which is probably the one you're looking for.These are Ditzler numbers.
    If I am reading the data sheet correctly,the color you are referring to,Colleen Green Lt. Poly, Paint code HXH, Ditzler number 40240-DAL (lacquer) is indeed a Studebaker NON-Champion color.Champions have 8 colors from which to choose and only one green.Laurel Green.Non-Champions have 16 colors listed.Also, the Champion colors were available in enamels as well.I hope this helps.I'm getting a little googley-eyed jumping from screen to screen, plus my bifocals are in the car, but this is what I'm seeing.If there's any typos here, that's why. Hope this helps.


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      Yes, as rusty65 points out, it was a legit Commander/President color for 1940. It shows up on three different paint charts I have. It is also the color of my President Club Sedan as shown above. Note the "dark" color around the windows.
      Richard Quinn
      Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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        And... if I remember correctly; it has a very fine metallic in it. A really pretty color!
        The darker shade on the fenders looks good as well.


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          That is a very pretty color. The color of both mine and the one I bought from Sam Ensley is really a muted green apple color though. My father in law says it is legit.... Sam says the color on his was legit... it is much more flat. I wonder if that is just how it looks in "flat" tones vs the car from Quinn's collection?

          I think at this moment that I will be going wiht the darker clipper grey with a lighter clipper for th einterior. It seems to me though that most of the interriors I have seen are all cream colored.

          It is pretty wxciting to actually be thinking about painting the car now... and the interrior... I thought I would never get this far.


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            New3drive.. We want pictures!

            Originally posted by Studebaker Wheel View Post

            Yes, as rusty65 points out, it was a legit Commander/President color for 1940. It shows up on three different paint charts I have. It is also the color of my President Club Sedan as shown above. Note the "dark" color around the windows.
            Do you have two of those? I could've sworn that your Club Sedan was dark blue.


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              To: Studebaker Wheel,-----Your '40 Studebaker President Club Sedan is absolutely beautiful...I love the colors. A good Friend of Mine owned the '39 version of Your car for years. His car was a light tan color.


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                If you will check the dash and hidden corners of lthe car I delivered to you, I think you will find the original color was tulip cream. If that's not the name of the paint, it's identical to tulip cream.


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                  Thanks. That still surprises me! I hadn't notticed that... yet! I am just ever perplexed as I thought the 39 & 40 commander and president only came in the 7 colors listed on the Studebaker paint book. There were lots of other colors used for the Studes of 39-40, but all of my informations says 7 colors only for the president and commander for 39 & 40. is my information in the color spec book wrong? or is that color plate the list of the 7 colors supplied by that one company to Studebaker?

                  Oh, there will be pictures very soon of the vehicle itslef..


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                    My 36 Dictator 2 dr was a two tone green metalic but not that bright. Posted a picture on the forum but I don't see that members post your picture anymore in the headings.
                    48 starlite Commander

                    32 Austin 7