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Parts "Globe Auto Wrecking" On South ELM in Fresno ca

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  • kurtruk
    I had been wondering what would happen to the place and parts. It is cleaned out. I was by there a few months ago and nothing had been touched.
    I stopped in and talked to Mose Moradian (now deceased owner) a few summers ago. He was sitting out in the summer heat under an umbrella drinking Sprites as attested to by the pile of empties on the ground. He told be never to buy Michelin tires. He had one blow out on him on Pacheco Pass years ago. He would never buy another. Said they were junk.. I used discretion and bit my tongue. I'd seen his El Camino going down Hwy 99 with terrible wheel hop from an unbalanced tire in years past.

    Went in there years ago looking for a front bumper for my '48 Champion. He didn't have one, but told be Romo's, a now closed yard in Fresno with which he was friends, had one in their bumper pile.

    About twenty years ago, a person I knew from San Luis Obispo was looking for fenders for his early Champion street rod project. I told him all about SDC, and gave him some numbers to try calling. He finally found a pair in Reno, NV. He went to get them. They were in very poor shape and expensive. Having not found any others he bought them. On his trip back to SLO, before Fwy 41 went in it took him right by Globe Auto Wrecking. Mose had some front clips out front by the road. Sitting right there were the fenders my friend needed. Globe was closed. So my friend called me later and asked about the place. Long story short, he returned and bought he fenders from Mose. Perfect shape and cheaper than the pair he bought in Reno.

    Mose knew all his parts and hopefully had them labeled well. Where has Steve (new owner) taken them? They are not in their Kingsburg yard. I know he has a Fowler yard and another one someplace...

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  • unclemiltie
    I have bought parts from Steve .great guy.

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  • Roscomacaw
    Wow! I'd completely forgotten about Globe. You could hardly buy anything there anyway. I did find a set of Speedster wires there years ago - other Stude bits and pieces too.

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  • Parts "Globe Auto Wrecking" On South ELM in Fresno ca

    Well I took a break from my hectic being a nurse, jobs ,homemaker,etc to escape for about two hours yesterday.
    Steve owns a salvage company sells parts on ebay as "carfinds"
    anyhow he bought Globe Auto Wrecking it used to be on Elm Ave south of Fresno. He called me and said he had some Studes and parts so I had to go look. I bought the poverty Hubcaps. He gave me a new battery cable and a new distributer part that I happened to pick up and it was the correct one for Daisy.
    Anyhow if there is any parts that you see that you need here is his email address put Studebaker in the subject line and he will know that I sent ya.

    1920's to 50's parts
    Starters generators
    500 to 600 transmissions
    15 to 20,000 gears nos
    Steering columns
    vacuum wipers
    brake parts
    tons of drums
    doors and fenders
    hoods and trunk lids.
    Bumpers and grills
    1948 commander Starlight coupe
    1948 Champion
    1939 commander?
    1940 coupe
    Anyhow could you spread the word.

    It was great to get away for awhile a step back in time.
    I forgot to mention he had to move everything to his location as part of the sale. That was a huge undertaking.
    The big square cage rumor has it that the Old Man that owned Globe usaed to lock up the thieves he found in it until Police arrived to pick them up.
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