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  • Radios in 53, 54, 55's

    Just got another 54 wagon.
    This ones gonna be a daily driver, so's I need to put a modern AM/FM radio in it somehow.

    Anyone know of a make/brand of somewhat modern radio that will fit without cutting up the bezel ? I know back a few years a coupla companies used to make radios that you could move the knob spacing around a little.
    I don't know if they are still available...or if the knob spindles will spread far enough..!

    Any thoughts ?



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    I can put you in touch with a shop that can convert your radio to a "remote control" for a hidden radio that will do all the "modern stuff". Your radio remains where it is and looks untouched, but operates the hidden modern radio.
    Howard - Los Angeles chapter SDC
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      Another option is to have a stock radio converted to AM/FM with auxiliary inputs for an MP3 device or a CD player or satellite and the dash will look stock.

      Here's the company that makes the kits. The dealers are on the website, too.
      RadioRoy, specializing in AM/FM conversions with auxiliary inputs for iPod/satellite/CD player. In the old car radio business since 1985.

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        Just FYI: I think I still have a new (1970s) aftermarket universal Sanyo AM/FM/cassette with adjustable shafts still in the box. I will have to check to see how far apart the knob shafts will adjust. I have an identical one in my Avanti II, and (before I found the correct AM/FM) had it in my 64 Daytona. It fit fine in both, but those cars took a smaller radio than the 53/55. And of course, as expected, it's 12v negative ground.
        Skip Lackie


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          How about a stock radio block off plate and a modern radio in the glove box with a hand held remote control? Not great if you want to change CD's all the time, but fine if you listen primarily to the radio and/or an MP3 device.
          Dick Steinkamp
          Bellingham, WA


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            Someone here posted this company a few months back:


            This is intended to fit in a chevy pickup but apparently will fit behind the bezel on the '53-'55 stude radio too. I suspect the original stude knobs may fit the shafts too.

            Jeff in ND


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              For the product, the bezel (it's plastic) needs to be cut to fit the Stude faceplate, but the original Stude knobs don't fit. The knobs they have, though, are a pretty good period-appearing set; if you didn't know what the Stude knobs looked like, you'd think these came with the car.

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                There's also Redi-Rad, available for 6 or 12 volt.

                Brad Johnson,
                SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
                Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
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                  Thanks for the choises all.