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    Sorry about your loss. Hope you can either get the transmisson back or replaced.

    A while back I bought up the remaining inventory of Studebaker parts that a local junkyard had. One of the things there was a '64 Cruiser. When I first saw the car it had a radiator. About a week later I got word that somebody had not only broken into the yard, but drove in the back way, STOLE A CAR, several cars got their radiators stolen as well as some of the cats. removed from exhausts, and scrap metal was taken. The following day I went out to the yard to talk to the owner and see if any of my parts were taken. Thankfully the thugs didn't steal the whole '64, but they did take the radiator. That really made me mad, it was a good one too. At the house here dad and I have got a bit of a "collection" out back and to protect it we added Ringo, the 150lbs Great Pyranese guard dog.... Nothing has been stolen since he has been around.
    Chris Dresbach


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      A few years ago I sold a 64 6 cyl. engine to a guy in the LA area and he paid me extra to deliver it, Ray and I met him about 6:30 Am and went to the shop where he was tohave the engine installed in to his 62 Lark, the shop was not open yet so we unloaded it buy the gate, Ray and I went one to pick up an Avanti and he was going to wait for the shop to open, about 10:00 AM I get acll as we were driving back north, this guy I delivered the engine to took about 5-10 min. to get a cup of coffey and when he came back the engine was gone, he asked if I had another I said yes and this time he drove the 400 miles to get it, scrap thieves will get it every time.
      Castro Valley,


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        We had a person in a Suburban go into a Ryan's Steakhouse for supper.
        While he was in eating, someone with a battery powered SawZall cut off his catalytic converter.

        With the poisoning of the country well underway, the destruction of the family unit has caused a void in the parenting and teaching of values and morality.
        Nowadays, when you pass by someone, you look at them with suspicion.
        And they look at you like a coyote does.
        They are sizing you up. Do you have something they want? Can they get it without too much hassle?
        Same thing goes for any object setting around anywhere.
        Value can sometimes be irrelevant. Capture and posession seems to be the game afoot sometimes.
        Even the value of life has been degraded.
        Some gang members in Atlanta have been popping up through open sunroofs and shooting at motorists on the expressways.
        Random, senseless, thoughtless violence...
        HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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          "We had a person in a Suburban go into a Ryan's Steakhouse for supper.
          While he was in eating, someone with a battery powered SawZall cut off his catalytic converter."

          We have a Toyota Rav 4 in the shop right now that someone cut out the "cat" while the owner was shopping at a mall. The BEST part is, they cut out the resonator, and NOT the cat! <G> Still cosing the onwer her deductible and the ins co almost $900!!!

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            I've got a little story you guy's will get a laugh out of. A freind of mine went to help his brother hook up a new washer and drier he had just picked up from SEARS. So he's looking at the old ones and the two big boxes of new ones and said to his brother what do you plan to do with the old ones? His brother thought about it a second and say's I know what. So they very carefully cut the box open and take out the new washer and drier and install them then they take the old ones and put them back in the new boxes and seal them up nice. They load them into the back of my freinds pickup and head across town to a bar at not such a good area of south minneapolis thats kind of known for the low lifes that hang out there. Him and his brother park in the back parking lot go in have a couple beers come out about a hr later. Guess what no washer and drier. Problem of deposal taken care of.


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              Thankfully, we live in a low crime area. I think it's partly because everyone mostly knows everyone else, but it could be that everyone knows that everyone else is ARMED!
              Neil Thornton


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                Shoot to kill


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                  That is a sad story indeed. Many of the classic car insurers will also cover parts for the insured car and most have no deductible. The cost is very reasonable. I think we have to accept that it can be a cruel world, it's better if you make adjustments to deal with it.

                  Hope things get better so you can get it on the road before too long.

                  Pat Dilling
                  Olivehurst, CA
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                    When I was working in South Bend three or so years ago, all of this kind of activity seems to have been centered in the Studebaker Corridor area. Other locals may remember when the vagrant scrap stealer was electrocuted when he got into an area with a transformer that was still live, and was caught in the act forever at the first snip when he tried to steal what was still a live copper mainline. I think infrequent visitors who were in the area just a few years ago will be amazed at how much better the Studebaker Corridor area of town looks today. In spite of the loss of some historic sights.

                    Big thing now is agricultural thefts. Buildings that aren't monitored frequently. Equipment totally vanishing. Irrigation systems discovered missing every copper wire or easy to take metal part. Heck, they even had to put a notice out to scrap yards not to take cast iron cemetery urns or those little flag holders from veteran's graves. There is now a requirement in Indiana that every scrap deal must be recorded and turned into police with the seller's driver's license or ID. Some yards are taking photos before they pay you. I only had my driver's license copied the last time I sold aluminum cans. I guess my picture is on it.

                    Sorry to hear about the transmission. I hope New York has a similar system to Indiana, your thief doesn't evade the system somehow and it works, and he is caught with it.
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                      I took my Grandson to sell some aluminum cans today. I had to show my drivers licence,sign 2 forms, and have my picture taken before they would accept them.
                      Neil Thornton