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    Hello studebaker Brothers & Sisters, can anyone give me tips or walk me through the rear drum removal on my 55 E-7 pick-up?
    Thanks! Gadman.

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    You have to have the right puller. Then it an easy job. (Maybe)


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      is the right puller a three jaw puller?


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        Originally posted by gadman View Post
        is the right puller a three jaw puller?
        Probably not. See Post #10 in this thread, but don't pay any attention to posts about heating with a torch or greasing-
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          Hi Gadman: I don't know if your truck is the same as my car. If it is, then look at a post I started recently. Take a look at that thread. I got some really good advice as a result.
          See: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...R+DRUM+REMOVAL

          I am just finishing up a brake job with drums all around on my 1955 C Body President car. If your drums and axles are same (key-way type), the first thing I recommend is to get the right puller. Using anything else will likely ruin your brake drum.

          Second thing that slowed me down was availability of replacement drums (11" fronts, 10" rears.) Good idea to try to locate some replacement sources ahead of time, in the event that yours are not able to be turned. Same advice with shoes and wheel hydraulic cylinders. Several sources are contained in the answers to my posting.

          Do you have a Shop Manual? If not, the best recommendation, call Studebaker International (317 462 3124) and order the combination manuals (Chassis, Mechanical, Shop, Parts List, etc.) for your vehicle on C/D for about $19.95. You also might want to download their free on-line PDF Parts Catalog for 2012. Lots of answers and diagrams are included therein.

          Again: Please check out the posting I did and the excellent advice I got as a result.

          Lots of Luck!


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            IF...... you've already tried to use a "3-jaw puller" that gripped the outer edges of the drums - you've probably already bent them beyond use. If NOT, then you HAVE TO use the puller that attaches to three of the lug studs. AND..... unlike the car drums that can be turned a max of 60 thousandths - the half ton truck drums can be turned to 100 thousands. This is IN the factory shop manual and has saved me on an inspection once.
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              Larry it woud be nice to know where you live, in case you screw up you existing drums I have a few, not much call for truck drums so it might not be long before I get rid of all of them.
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