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Avanti headlight round rings needed repaired or replaced

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  • Avanti headlight round rings needed repaired or replaced

    I'm needing left and right outer rings (round) that hold the glass cover and seal to the body. I was installing headlights today and notice that the 3 rings I have are bent and/or broken. Does anyone know of a source for these or someone who repairs these pot metal pieces. If anyone has any spares that are in good shape I am a buyer.
    Thanks again for your help.

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    I got mine from T-bow about a year ago, they fit good


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      Thank you jts359. I got the last 2 until Dave gets more in at the end of August.


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        You can repair the pot metal by filling in pits and there's a spray chrome process that will make them look better than new. Check with Jim McCaun.
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          How much are the ones Tbow sells?
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            If you are referring to the exterior chrome rings, I do believe they are supposed to have a unique contour/bend to them which makes them not sit flat when removed and placed on a flat surface and the need to properly clock them to the contour of the body when reinstalling.


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              Originally posted by ddub View Post
              How much are the ones Tbow sells?
              129.00 each and they are beautiful.


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                And Dave's H/L rings are made of chrome plated brass instead of pot metal....have them on My Avanti...VERY nice


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                  Dave has some here in S. Bend! I got some in May from Dave, fit and look great.

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                    I noticed a used pair in the silent auction in the AOAI hospitality room this evening. IRC, they were up to $20. Auction closes on Thursday.
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