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Studebaker 2R5 1952 - Hot Rod process

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  • Studebaker 2R5 1952 - Hot Rod process


    I bought my Stude like a month agora. It's got a lot a work to do (and I knew it) and buying an old truck like this (even Ford, Chevy or Dodge) here in Brasil is pretty often expensive.

    Like I what I had in mind was a hot rod, there wouldn't be any problem on buying a truck didn't have so much of it's original stuff.

    This one has no engine / transmission and the "trunk" its from a Jeep pickup.

    I taken some parts out of it and have bought some stuff already, focusing on bodywork that will start on November.

    The engine chose was the Ford Cologne 4.0l, and most probably I'll use the Ranger transmission and rear axle as well.

    The seats are from a Fiat Stilo, 100% leather with driver seat adjust in hight.

    I've made a blog so that it could be easier to show the progress of everthing made.

    Some photos:


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    It looks like you have a good plan. The truck won't need a whole lot of body work. The engine and transmission should fit OK. Good luck! The Jeep pickup box looks like a good fit.

    Your English is very good for a native Portuguese speaker. Welcome to the forum!


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      Welcome to the forum. Looks like you are off to a good start on your project. I would be interested to see how well those seats fit in the cab.
      TDITS The Dude In The Stude


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        major coolness!


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          The Jeep pickup bed is pretty cool looking,cant wait for further update photos.


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            Good night gentlemen!

            Thank you so much for the praising! I'll try to keep this as updated as I can.

            Some news are that a rear axle and possibly the front one have appeared, they are from a C20 Chevy truck. It's the predecessor of Silverado in Brazil. The differential is DANA and the original gearbox uses a Clark 260F model (very similar to the ones used by many V8 Dodges and Fords, at least here in Brazil). I'm still checking which gear box I'll use. Maybe if something good and kind of cheap appears, it might be used. But I gotta make double sure it can withstand the Cologne, and also some light upgrades planned for the "gran finale".

            It's a job which should be executed slowly and patiently..... many stuff to define and to change. On the first part, I'm focusing on everything that might require changes on the steel parts to be painted (engine, door panels, gearbox, instruments.....) so that everything is ready and the only thing left is assmeblying after the painting and bodywork is done.

            I'm really anxious to start assembling all the parts.... let's see how it goes.

            About the Jeep bed, it's very good (to a part this old) but it doesn't fit so well to the style (square againt "rounded" from the original) so I'm trying to sell it for a little more than nothing, as we say here.

            About the seats, I think it's going to be a nice part because they are slightly bigger than normal passenger cars. So maybe on the exact size for a truck. They're quite similar to the ones I've got on my Fiat Bravo, very comfortable and stylish, in my opinion.

            One point I'm starting to think over is some dash knobs to replace the original comands and put some new ones. The first idea I got was maybe using aircraft style knobs, like some race cars, because they are pratical and cheap. And even I could make them with black cover to make them similar the interior, in contrast with the red painting (the most quoted color).

            For exemple these ones (but black):

            I'm trying to find metal chromed ones ou maybe even billet, but in these flip style it is kind of difficlut to find. It could be also on "turn" style.....

            And also about the instruments to be used, Cronomac (a national manufacturer), has a very complete line of instruments with very good quality and this line I'm interested on has one thing kind of difficult to find, the tachometer scale is 8k rpm. Why would I use a 10krpm if my engine will rev up to 5 or maximum 6K rpm ? No big use.

            Please feel comfortable for suggestion, critics, comments and so on!

            BRGDS gents!


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                Hey there!

                thank you, it's really tough to get some parts, so i'll have to go for the criativity on many stuff, mainly chrome exterior parts. I've got already a plan to make some details, let's se if it'll be possible to make them....

                Yeah, almost perfect, you only have changed the "amigo", it's "o" in the end....

                Regarding the Stude, still waiting for an answer about the axles..... let's hope it works.



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                  Sorry about the "o", I used a translator program and it did not specify. I thought it was wrong since it is that way in Spanish, but I was not sure about the gender specifics in Portugese.

                  What is your question about the axles?
                  If it is are they strong enough to handle the power of the Ford 4.0L V6....definately. The axle is from a C20 GM which would make it a Dana 60 or 70 or a GM corporate 14 bolt which are all very strong diffs and can handle great horsepower and load capacities.

                  If the question is will they fit, I am not sure on that one. I have been researching all morning and it looks like the track width, the distance from the outside of the brake drum to the outside of the opposite brake drum, is 66" mais ou menos. My 3/4 ton 1949 Stude 2R10 truck is 66" mais ou menos so it looks like it could work just fine.

                  Keep us posted on progress Digger

                  Felicidades meu irma~o { I could not get the Nya ~ on top of the "a", sorry}


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                    Hey kmac!

                    No problems my friend... don't worry, I'm pretty sure my English has got those small mistakes as well.

                    Very nice! It makes me less worried to know it is a strong axle and differential.

                    About the distance, I think it is not so "important" as I'll fix the full rear axle so both ones will be like a Chevy truck, no risks of unbalancement. You got a 49 one? Can you send me some pics of it?


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                      The parts inside the yellow squares are called fenders in English.


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                        Here is a link to some pics:


                        I named him Oscar because he is green and rusty and a bit grouchy like Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street. I do not know if you have Sesame Street in Brasil.

                        Yes the parts that your have marked in the picture are called "fenders" as whacker stated.

                        The distance between the front axle and the rear axle is reasonably easy to adjust by cutting the frame if it is alot, or by simply redrilling the locating pins on the axle support pads that sit on the rear springs. If you need to move the axle forward or rearward 25-50mm you can just drill a hole in the pad that distance the other way. If it more than a couple of inches you need to move it then you may need to section the frame. That is not extremely hard to do, but does require alot of measuring, careful marking, good cuts, and precision welding on the frame. Then you need to redo the driveshaft and brakelines etc...

                        The width should be ok if you use the right wheels and tires with the correct backspaces.


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                          Thank you for the information gentlemen!

                          Now I'm just waiting for some confirmations and then the process will carry on. The bed and fenders are made by some national manufacturers, being the fenders made of fiberglass. Not a problem to get.

                          So now I'll be focusing on the mechanical part, just to make it available for the painting. And also the parts necessary to make the bodywork possible. Door knobs, the door glass support, hood support, headlights, direction lights and so on.

                          One thing I'll have to define and purchase quite soon are the gauges. The original "panel" will have to be cut and the new gauges put in place before the painting. Like I'm changing everything it is easier to change everything and here in Brazil it is not in any local that we have good stores do make these equipments brand new again.

                          Another detail of the process is that I'll have the "front grid" (don't know if it is the right term...) and the front bumper to make them perfect and send them for Chrome process. I think that the red body will fit with the chrome parts. Not a rush, because they can be fitted later on. And also, the more parts I send together for the chroming, the cheaper it gets. Maybe I'll send some parts of the egnine as well for chroming....

                          Thank you so much for the support gentlemen!

                          Kmac.... what and awesome truck you got!!!! And also, the house is perfect! Some space to work and keep the Stude in place......



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                            I think the term is GRILL that you are trying to say. Never worry about not getting the words exactly corrrect. I like that you try at all. Very cool.

                            As to door handles, you might want to ask Roscomacaw, he is a member here and I know for sure that he has a set of exterior door handles and I believe a set of interior one also that are all in good shape. Maybe he can send them to you.

                            You can click on "Community" on the line under "Search" and "Forum" and go to his name and then Private message him. Tell him I recommended you cantact him. He has been a HUGE help for me.

                            If there is a part you find here in the USA that you need, I know there are tariffs and taxes if you order it from a new dealer. But you can have it sent from a private citizen without the charges. If you need to do that, please let me know if I can help you with that. I am not sure if that works in Brasil, but I know it works for our family in Chile' and saves them alot of money at times. I would be happy to help package a re-send it to you at not extra charges other than just the shipping costs of course.

                            Estou feliz por ajudar um novo amigo.


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                              Yeah.... actually that's the one.... I'll learn all the parts names until the end of the process.....

                              Actually that'd be great if you can do that for me... I'll confirm this issue but I think that as you'll be sending that to me the taxes are quite lower if they exist. If I buy something, my limit is U$ 50,00 over that I'll get some serious taxes, which make things a bit more difficult.

                              Things I'd need more are exterior emblems.... like the "Studebaker" which go on the hood laterals and the the one that goes in the front of the hood as well. But up to where I could find, those are quite expensive, even in USA. So the lateral one I could try to fabricate in Brasil an alternative (but old style) one. But the front one will be really difficult to find, even tough I need only the second half of it.

                              There are many relatively small things that I'd like to have from the USA.... things that are really cheaper in there like K&N air filter, some knobs, window handles, pedal pads and stuff like this.... so if you could send those it'd be a great help.

                              We only have to check how much it'd cost you and how could I send the money....

                              Muito obrigado meu amigo!