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    Ok so here are some pictures of the car. The brakes hold but pull hard to the right when applied. The floors need some TLC, but the trunk floor looks new. The front seat is ripped, the back seat is really nice. The drivers seat lays all the way back like a bed. Mostly everything works on this car including the stereo and windshield wipers. This car would make a great parts car or one could throw a small black into it and drive it around. Lemme know if you have any questions.


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      Originally posted by kamzack View Post
      You will have to dial indicate the standard bellhousing to the block. Shop manual details how. You'll also have to remove the pan, remove the rear main bearing cap to replace the flywheel bolts that re on the crankshaft and replace them with the bolts(shorter) from the automatic. The longer bolt will not aloow the torque converter to bolt up.
      Hope this helps,
      Originally posted by evilhawk View Post
      Hey thanks for the info! Ill have to dig out the old shop manual to see the process.
      Evilhawk,... you are relatively new to the forum and are probably unaware of a very good resource at Bob Johnstone's Avanti Page. If you are dial indicating the new engine to your old bellhousing, I did an "how to" that Bob posted many years ago. You should check it out.

      Bob's total site:

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        Ah hah! Perfect! that is just the type of tutorial I was looking for. Thanks Allen!