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  • Getting In Shape For SB

    My family and I made a trek in the GT to Holiday World in Santa Calus, Indiana yesterday. About 200 miles all total, but did not see any other Studes on the road. Have gotten used to that over the years, as we seldom do see other Studes.

    We arrived around noon, and stayed till near closing at 9:00PM, and arrived home around 11PM (Kentucky time). The temp was supposed to be 102 both in KY and IN, but if it got that high at the park, it did not seem so. We stayed hydrated with their free drinks, stayed wet (it's a water park), and avoided the sun when possible. Plus, there was often overcast there.

    Today waking up, my legs are a little sore, but so are the kids' (10,12 & 14 years old), so I guess all that walking was not any harder on a 59 year old man than kids.

    Now I know what to do in SB: stay hydrated, stay wet, stay out of the sun when possible. Just gotta figure out how to stay wet there, since SB is not a water park

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    Here is a link to a outstanding water park that is not that far from SB.

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