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  • Heat Wave

    Three weeks to go. Sure hope the heat wave breaks by then. Tripe digit temp
    Will be awefull.

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    Its supposed to break tomorrow, Jerry. Let's hope it doesn't come back for awhile. I can't imagine being on the Concours in that weather, in that field.


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      Don't let the heat, if it happens, dampen your spirits. Some of my fondest Stude Memories are of the Meet in 1983. I was a college kid and Phil and Cindy Brown recruited me to help them run the swap meet. It was high 90's to 100 degrees that entire week. Come Thursday, the Concourse was held in the Century Center Parking Lot. It was so hot, the legs of my webbed lawn chair sank an inch or so into the asphalt as I sat next to my car. Later that day, after awards, I took my '55 to the end of the old Assembly Building and took shots of it as if it was rolling out of the big doors at the end of the building. I was approached by a South Bend/Allied Stamping night watchman (former Stude Employee) as I was doing it, and he offered to give me a walk through of the old Assembly Line. I took him up on that in a heartbeat, shot a roll of film (no digital in 1983) of which only two came out. I sat in the body drop chair. Saw the assembly station lines painted on the floor. Saw the gigantic presses. All in all, I never cared it was 100+ degrees that Thursday in 1983.

      Anyone who has time and ability to attend should come with an open attitude and just enjoy the sights and sounds of Studebaker's home. Who knows, with Northern Indiana weather, it could be 70 degrees. It could be 50 degrees. It could be 100 degrees. And sorry, we need rain right now.

      29 years later, I won't be at the meet because of business/economic/family demands. But, I sincerely hope another 20 year old (or 80 year old) Stude Nut can end up in the right place at the right time and have just as much fun as I did back in 1983.


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        Here's the photo's I took that day to prove I'm not just fabricating a story. The last single photo is from an interior courtyard second floor window in the assembly building, very close to the body drop.

        This building was torn down in 2010.