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    I'll start off by appologizing for having no camera.
    I belong to a local general car touring club. For their annual tour they invite other groups from the northwest. I am going to the International this year so I didn't sign up for this tour but went down after work to meet and greet. There aren't often any other studebakers there but as I pulled in there was a beautiful gold avanti parking. Of course I made a beeline over to meet him and he asked if I knew of anywhere to get parts for his car! It was his dad's car and he had gotten it out and painted after it had sat in the barn for 20 years. A really nice car. The interior and the underside were in great shape. It is an R2 auto car and he was having issues with the fuel pump not delivering quite enough so had added an electric pump as a booster. Parking lot repair. We had a good crowd around checking it out the whole time. There was even a guy who had worked for a dealership in Spokane when the Avanti came out.
    When he was done I had asked what number the car was as it was obviously and earlier car, so he said that he thought that was the number on the fender. I explained that that was the body number (RQ 1106) and although close it didn't exactly co-inside with the serial number. I tried to read the plate but a block heater had been installed and of course the plate was dirty. Then he went and pulled out a bunch of paperwork that was with the car and included the the owners manual. It was sold new in Ogden Utah. The serial # written there was R2001 but the body number was completely different, 3xxx something. so after struggling to get to the plate from above I finally reached behind the tire and was able to clean the plate and more looking with a light I was able to read R2001. By then I had given him an application for the AOAI and SDC and showed him some turning wheels and Avanti magazines including the current one with the gold car on it. He could see how excited I was to see the car and I thanked him for letting me look it over. Hopefully he'll be a member soon and show up on here.
    He had driven it 300 miles up from Boise. Did I mention that it was a really nice car?
    I believe that somebody just wrote the wrong body number in the book for some reason as it seems too far off to be correct. Also in the packet was the window sticker.
    A really nice car.
    I got a couple Photos last night. The car shows less than 10K and is so clean it looks original but he has no documentation. They do have the original buyers name and hope to look into it. He also has a 67 corvette with less than 70k documented miles he says is no is no where near as nice as this car. He is very impressed with the Avanti and its build quality. Click image for larger version

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    The engine appears to be orange like the fan. Is that possibly original?
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    To: mapman,-----You are a great ambassador for SDC & AOAI. Thanks!


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      My 2011 AOAI Roster jumps from R2000 to R2006, both R1s. He can fill in a blank when he joins AOAI. Thanks for your effort.
      Gary L.
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      Studebaker enthusiast much longer