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1963 Hawk identification and details

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  • 1963 Hawk identification and details

    I recently purchased a 1963 studebaker hawk and am trying to find out all that I can about the car so here we go:

    VIN number from the title is:63v16923

    the cowl tag is as follows:63V-K6 and below that is 2007

    the engine number from the car is: P 99039

    can anyone tell me what these numbers mean? I have been told that it is a R3 engine, and that it is a hi performance engine that studebaker offered.

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    The VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number
    K is hard top 2007 is the body number
    P is a Stock 289 ci engine
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      Bill, welcome to the forum. Lots of good information here. Thanks for actually including all of the pertinent information from your car. Many folks do not. If you want to find out even more, you can order a copy of the factory build sheet from the Studebaker national Museum.

      I always recommend buying the shop manual and especially the chassis and body parts manuals. they have pictures of how everything fits together and list all the part numbers. There are a number of Studebaker parts dealers across the country and using part numbers will help communicating with them.

      The other thing I recommend is to not be too quick to take everything apart. It sounds like you are an the right path, learning everything you can about your car.

      Many, many folks know nothing about Studebakers (but don't know that they don't know) and the sheer volume of erroneous folk lore is amazing.
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        V8 engine serial number ID table here:
        Skip Lackie


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          Bill all of the answers to your questions are posted on your original post. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...627#post658627

          When posts do not have as much action as others, they drop off of the first page quite quickly if you do not get back to them the same Day. To find your prior posts, just click on your name after logging in, then click "View Forum Posts".

          It was Posted on 7/1 and was almost to the bottom of Pg.2. it was answered quickly in Post #3.
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