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Small victory for me today

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  • Small victory for me today

    I just wanted to share a small victory I had today working on my 51 Stude. See, I had been having trouble with fixing the trunk to where it would latch on the striker bar. I found that the striker bar was bent ever so slightly to where the latch would not engage. I tell you, that bar was a bit hard to bend back to true. Anyway, so with that problem worked out, I moved on to getting the trunk lock to work.

    Originally, the keys were missing so I had a key made from the codes on the lock. Well, the lock smith told me that the lock would turn and everything but the whole mechanism was inoperable. I wasn't discouraged as I was confident I could figure out what was broken on my own. Funny thing is I applied what I've learned working on the 50 cal machine gun (Ma Duce). I found that there was no spring tension on the external handle of the trunk. So I took it apart and adjusted the tension to where it was back up to snuff. Woo hoo!

    So the victory is that I now have a secure trunk. Small, but it's a start on the path to making everything work right on my Stude. If anybody else has had one of these good days, feel free to share. Besides that, it helps me learn as I'm new to the classic car hobby. Thanks for y'all's time.


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    Good deal, Andrew! Restoring a car is really a lot of small steps and small victories..........eventually they add up to one BIG victory when you are done.
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      To: Gryphon,----That's a great story.....and it is true that many times situations like that seem to go the other way. Take care


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        The door lock did not work on my 2R pick-up. I took it apart and was able to figure out the problem. It has a square shaft that will fit into the locking mechanism four different ways. Only one position will allow you to unlock the door.

        When I figured it out, I was all excited that I was able to fix it myself. Especially since my skills and abilities in restoring cars is limited to my ability to write checks.
        Jon Stalnaker
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