Well the E-bay auction ended and the very nice 63 original cruiser is going to New Zealand, I have send many cars and trucks and parts to New Zealand over the past 5-6 years they are getting a very good selection of Studebakers there, remember my very nice rust free 66 Cruiser of past ? well it went over there and has since been restored and is now the only 66 cruiser in New Zealand. I have offered my rather nice 99% rust free 52 commander here on the forum this week for dirt cheap but no takers so it will be going on E-bay in a day or two, The cruiser is the best running and driving Studebaker I have every owned just like getting in to it 49 years ago, one click of the key and it is running, shifts so smooth you don't know it shifted, and quite but with a stock single exhaust it would be. a very nice car to say the least.