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1957 Country Sedan Production Figures?

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  • 1957 Country Sedan Production Figures?

    I understand there were 869 Country Sedans made in 1957, all of them supercharged correct? Does anyone know the production breakdown for automatics vs manual 3 speed OD cars? We recently acquired two of these wagons, one automatic and one manual. Both are supercharged. Any other interesting info on these would be greatly appreciated!

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    To: Schraders,--------- Great cars! There's another thread on this forum: 'Rarest Studebakers' (I guess that includes South Bend Packards). Your automatic wagon would qualify. (I believe)
    AND YOUR STICK O/D WAGON WOULD REALLY QUALIFY!!! That's one rare baby! Good Luck!


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      Mike: The total of 869 is correct.

      All were supercharged, at least for domestic (U.S.) production. 'Might have been an oddball or two that escaped overseas without it, but that would have to be verified and I have no reason to beleive it is true.

      To th best of my knowledge, all had Flightomatic transmission standard equipment.

      If you believe your overdrive example was built that way (and I'm not saying it wasn't; one learns to "never say never"), you should send the Serial Number to The Studebaker National Museum and buy a copy of the Produiction Order to verify same. BP
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        According to this Hemmings article

        Period literature states that each Clipper comes equipped with the Flight-O-Matic transmission, which, according to Hal, was set up to start in second gear. Starting in first gear would require the driver to shift the unit into low before accelerating. Hal also stated that the transmission is just as durable and trouble-free as the engine. In reality, the Flight-O-Matic is a Borg-Warner three-speed transmission equipped with a torque converter; it was installed not only in the same-year Studebakers, but also in Ford automobiles for many years.
        Available via special order was a Borg-Warner three-speed manual with overdrive. While the manual option was available, the new Clippers were aimed at an automatic-based market segment, and as a result, it's estimated that well over 90 percent of the Clippers produced were fitted with the automatic transmission. In either case, both gearboxes can be easily rebuilt should a problem arise.

        So there have been very few special ordered manual Country Sedans.


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          I saw a white one in TX that came from the factory as a three speed. It was on rear end #3. I was told by the owner that there were only a handful of the 3 speeds due to them burning up the rear ends. Do not know if it was fact or fiction. Good luck with your car. I sold one last year.....excellent cars.


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            Burning up rear ends would not be the reason! Dana 44's were (and still are) used in a variety of vehicles, some of which produced more power than forund in these Packards (& Studebakers). By this time in the 50's Packard buyers were looking for the luxury that premium cars offered and would want automatics. I dont know off hand but when was the last year Cadillac offered a manual transmission?
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              Were both of these cars in North Florida?


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                Originally posted by mbstude View Post
                Were both of these cars in North Florida?
                No, they came from Southern California.