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Can I tow my non-running,display-only vehicle onto the show field?

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  • Can I tow my non-running,display-only vehicle onto the show field?

    I am planning to bring a work-in-progress '37 Coupe-express to South Bend and am registered as a display-only. It will probably not be running and I planned to tow it to its display spot. My trailer will already be on the fairgrounds. Is this going to be a problem? I'd like to know now before I pull that trailer over a thousand miles. Thanks. Tom Lewis

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    Tom, I'm not in charge of that and cannot answer your question with authority.

    That said, there have been plenty of underway projects displayed at International Meets; people inevitably love seeing them and are appreciative of being able to do so.

    We're assuming the truck rolls and can be steered, so I would think the worst-case scenario would be having to park it a little distance from the actual display "spot" and enlisting any of a hundred folks standing around, to help push it to the display position.

    I'm sure you'd get plenty of volunteers.

    Hopefully, someone involved with the meet show field will answer your question with more particulars. BP
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      Oh, yes, the truck rolls,steers, stops. I just have not gotten it to run past idle. When I try to rev it up it dies. I think the distributor advance is off, or the points are not set right. . Carburetor is a fresh rebuild from Dave Thibeault. I'm hoping I can get the front clip and radiator installed and do some trouble-shooting before I load up. I posted this because I did not think I would have a problem, but reading about how all concours traffic has to go through a specific gate got me to wondering if I could get to the show field from where my trailer will be stationed for the week. I'd hate to pull that trailer 1900 miles round tr ip and not be able to display the CE. Tom


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        Looking forward to seeing it Tom, and if need be I'll help push.

        Your grille stainless should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday.


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          Tom, bring your CE. I'm parking trucks and it will be welcomed. Jim


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            Well...I had seriously thought about coming to the meet, but don't think I'm going to make it. have my permission to tow your car....and that carries all the authority and weight it would normally have if I were there.
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              Bring it. Jim will see that it is put in a nice spot!