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First detail job of the summer.

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  • First detail job of the summer.

    There's a local benefit car show this evening, so I got the Business Coupe out and realized it hadn't even been washed once this year. I gave it a bath, polished the chrome, and finished off with Mother's Synthetic Wax. A friend that details cars for a living told me about this stuff, and I love it. He uses it on his original-paint '56 President Classic and it looks just as good as it did in '56. It does a better job than any other wax I've ever used. It goes on and wipes off quick and easy without leaving any residue.

    My camera batteries are dead so all you get is a cell phone picture, but the car hasn't been this shiny since I super-detailed it for a show a couple of years ago. Not too bad for a 20 year old paint job.

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    I Believe it looks better than it did when I saw it in person. Good job. Who was ya teacher? LOL


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      Gorgeous. What a "Treat To See It." BP
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        Very nice. Have fun at the show.
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          Originally posted by Flashback View Post
          I Believe it looks better than it did when I saw it in person.
          It probably does. I rushed to get the engine bay back together in order to drive it to that show, and the car didn't even get a bath.

          I drove to the show and almost nobody else was there. I made a donation and came back home after an hour or so. 106 and slightly humid here today.


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            That car is too cool!

            Glad you are doing it justice, Matt!
            Dave Lester


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              I just noticed the side mirror on that looks to be the "tall" version. Is that the only one worth installing? My 50 needs a driver side mirror and I'm not sure which one to get...

              p.s. what happened to the sun visor?

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                I can't say either way on the mirror.. The one on the driver's side is usable and works well. The same mirror is on the pass. side too, and it's useless. I do have one NOS and one repop that I'd sell.

                As far as the sun visor goes.. Before Tom died, he sold the original visor as he had an NOS one for it that he planned to have painted and installed. Since then, the NOS one was sold as moving parts was a much higher priority than having it painted to match and installed on the car.

                For what it's worth.. Tom's wife has shown interest in selling the coupe. She really has no interest in Studebakers, but was supportive of Tom and has kept this car because it was something he loved. It will not be cheap. And the translucent red steering wheel doesn't go with it.

                It's not a perfect show car.. But it's solid, it drives great, and it cleans up pretty nice.

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                  Stop it, Matt.

                  You know I'm weak.
                  Dave Lester


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                    Originally posted by Studedude View Post
                    Stop it, Matt.

                    You know I'm weak.
                    It'll be someone's long term keeper at what she's asking. Not to say she's out of line, but it's a special car, that needs a special home, for a special price. <grin>

                    We talked tonight, and it looks like the '51 will go on eBay this weekend. If for nothing else, to see what the current market says it's worth!


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                      It is a very special car, should command a very special price.
                      Dave Lester


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                        That's one gorgeous car. Nice work.
                        Dave Nevin
                        Corvallis, OR
                        1953 Champion Deluxe Coupe
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                          Beautiful coupe!! I have a soft spot for these, as my first Studebaker was a 1947 Champion three-passenger (business) coupe. I sold it in 1991 to a member in Michigan so I could buy an Avanti. Last I heard, the dark blue Champ business coupe was sold some time ago and I think it is in Kentucky now, or at least was.
                          Lew Schucart
                          Editor, Avanti Magazine