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    Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
    Wait a minute; we'd better be sure someone here posts that they will have a Flamingo 1961 convertible at the meet, or know of one that's coming!)[/I] BP
    Maybe the owner of this Lark convertible that appeared at the IM in 2002 will show it again this year!!




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      Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
      Someone up there has to know somebody in the Fire Dept who would hose down a portion of the street if the State sign was illuminated.
      THAT could be arranged.....

      Chris Dresbach


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        Just have a couple overheated Studes go down the street before hand <g>

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          My thoughts on recreating this...

          Before I got the crazy idea to work with youth for a living, I made my money by pretending to be a photographer/video producer. This wouldn't be that difficult of a shot to recreate. The hardest part would probably be ensuring that you have 30-45 minutes of uninterupted time to reset and reshoot until you got the shot just right.

          The car doesn't have to be moving fast at all for this to work. you will need a fluid head tripod with smooth panning, a decent DSLR that can fire the flash on the second curtain (first curtain means that the flash goes off as the shutter opens, second curtain means the flash goes off just before the shutter closes), and a couple strobes (flashes) on high stands that can be pretty focused.

          Set your exposure for about a couple seconds to start with. Get the car rolling (seriously, it can roll slowly - my guess from the streaking on the original is that the car only moved two or three feet during the exposure at most) and when it hits the right spot, start your exposure. A couple seconds later, the flash goes off and the shutter closes. See how you did, reset and adjust timing as needed, and repeat until happy.

          This is a really awful photo (the photo itself, not my wife, who is quite beautiful), but it uses the technique I'm talking about and it's the only one I can access at this particular computer. It gives you the general idea though:

          Click image for larger version

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          It's a pity that I'm almost certainly unable to make the meet, as I have all the photo gear you'd need to make this happen. Still, that's a large meet, there has to be a handful of professional photogs out there who would love to try and recreate history.
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            well here it is, while it wasn't the photo recreation we all talked about, the evening "cruise" put on by the Michiana chapter and aided by city of South Bend vehicles was a Huge hit with the Members, participants and locals!

            Photos take by an ipod touch.
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              Looks like a good time was had by all! Thanks for taking those photos! Quentin