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  • Spare tire

    I need to buy a rim for a spare tire i can go to salvage yard if my rims match chevy etc also Does the car have left handed thread on it ( 1965 commander) thanks

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    Bill: The wheel bolt pattern on a 1965 Commander is NOT the same as a Chevrolet of any vintage. Older, 1960s-1970s era (non-metric) Rear-Wheel-Drive Ford and Chrysler products are just fine.

    Your car does not have left-hand threads on any wheel studs.

    If you get a Ford wheel, you must use 13/16" lug nuts, not the 3/4" found on your car presently. They are the same thread as a Ford, but the Ford nuts are larger outside because Ford wheel lug nut holes are larger diameter than Studebaker's. BP
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