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  • Stude Dealership Period Pictures

    Anybody got any information about the dealerships in these pictures to share with Alden Jewell @ Flickr?

    FWIW I'd be happy to own any of the four Larks in the shot of Western Motors...

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    From the Website about the '59 Larks:

    Martin van Duijn (35 hours ago | reply) has a dealer listing, and the only Western Motors Studebaker dealership that comes up was located in La Crosse, Wisconsin (718 N. 3rd). And 'Kube' (see sign above the most left Lark) seems to be a common family name in La Crosse.

    This might be of interest to those listing all of the Studebaker Dealers on one of our strings here.
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      Being the first year of the Lark this dealer was aggressive & wasnt afraid to spend money such as the big neon sign on the left. Studebaker needed more like him.
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        Reliable Motors
        Highway 45 South
        Waynesville, Mississippi
        Photo taken 6-27-52

        Western Motors actually
        Winter Motor Co.
        Southgate Hiway 395 So.
        Pendleton, Oregon
        Photo taken April 15, 1959
        Richard Quinn
        Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review