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Roster needed from 1976 Meet

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  • Roster needed from 1976 Meet

    I am trying to locate the 1963 Avanti R2 that my father owned before selling it in 1976. It won a 3rd place in the "Custom" Avanti category at the '76 meet. I would assume that there is a roster from the '76 meet that would show the Avanti #s and help me locate the car. Can anyone help please? Who might I contact to find the roster? Thanks!

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    There was no "roster" that I am aware for the 1976 Indy meet. However the 3rd place winner in Class 16B (Custom Avanti) was Robert and Juanita Marcum of 5357 Cecelia in Hazelwood, Missouri. Your search would be much easier if you had a serial number. The Avanti Club has a roster of cars and owners by serial number.
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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      Thank you - I will try to locate them or their family. If they no longer own the car, maybe someone in their family can help me find it.
      - Alan


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        There were 3 International meets in 76. The SDC. AOIA West in Solvang. And the East in Niantic, Connecticut. Which one was he at? After I put this up I see you said Indy. The 77 roster does not have the Marcums in it.


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          If it was Niantic, I may have a photograph.


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            Thanks for the inquiries and suggestions. It was Indianapolis in 1976. The photo of the car was on page 18, and the car was the one at the bottom of the page. I have written to the Marcum family and have not yet received a response.


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              1976-1978 SDC roster available?

              I am still trying to find the Avanti serial number on the 1963 R2 that my father owned from 1975-76. Does anyone have a SDC membership roster from that time? The car was sold to a Robert Marcum in the St. Louis area in 1976. Thanks!


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                Yes I do, but the Avanti serial number would not be in the SDC roster. It may be in the AOAI roster?
                Richard Quinn
                Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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                  Have you googled the name Robert Marcum? There's many ways to find people through the internet. Internet White Pages, etc.

                  Also, why not contact a long-time member in the St. Louis area, like Milt Yoder? See if thee is any recollection there of the Marcums.

                  I'll send you Milt's current phone numbers via PM. BP
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                    I have looked in my rosters, both from SDC and the local chapter from this time frame and cannot find this person. If they are in the St. Louis area, they could be located in Missouri or Illinois

                    I have been a member since 1973 and I do not recall the name

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                      Thank you all for your efforts! I guess it wasn't meant to be. Alan