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JULY 8th Studebaker day at the lawn tractor races

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  • JULY 8th Studebaker day at the lawn tractor races

    On July 8th the modified lawn tractor assoc. I race with will have our mid-season championship. This year, like the last, we are inviting out the SDC to have a cruise in and enjoy a day in the park as well as watch some wheel to wheel racing. Time trials are at 12:30 and we are usually racing by 1:30. There is also a pot luck lunch which is $4.00 ($3.00 if you bring a dish to pass). Last year we had about 10 cars, all Studebaker's and one hand built electric car, which was small enough that it took a lap around the track. We race on a high banked, paved oval so there is little dust blowing from the track. The races are family friendly. The track is located at 51105 Birch Rd, Granger, IN 46530.
    See this link for additional info and photos:
    Chris Dresbach

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    Parhaps this is a lame excuse to bump this thread, but I had the engine tore down this week incase anybody here wants to know how to modify their lawn tractor's engine to cut the grass at 40mph.
    *note billet piston rod.

    Lets try to make this happen.
    Chris Dresbach


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      Is this still the Lawn-Lark?
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        That does not look like a Studebaker built Onan to me....
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          Looks like a BS, Briggs & Stratton. Hope you got the fancy billeted piston rod bolted down to the crank and lined up the timing marks one notch closer before trying to cut the grass!


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            Yes, this is the Lawn-Lark's engine. It's a modified Tecumseh "Star" racing engine. Basically it is a stock 9hp Tecumseh block with an oversized piston, slightly longer stroke, high lifting cam, shaved head, electronic ignition, racing carburator, and racing exhaust. I use 32 weight racing oil with Hyper-Lube and 110 octane gas. This thing has so much compression it requires a compression release and a special starter like what a go-kart uses.
            What's really something, there are some other racing tractors with even more heavily modified engines than this. However you can be just as competative with a stock engine, most of the speed comes from the gearing.
            Chris Dresbach


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              Just a reminder that TODAY IS RACE DAY. I will have some post race photos up sometime later.
              Chris Dresbach