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    No they didn't . The gold leaf was on cars from '53 to about 56 or 57 .

    Home of the Fried Green Tomato


    1960 Champ , 1966 Daytona , 1965 Daytona Wagonaire


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      Made In Canada Meet

      Hi all,
      The meet was great! Celebrating the Ontario Chapter's 40th anniversary and tying it into the "Studebaker Made Canada" theme was a great idea. We really enjoyed one of the tours to the wineries on friday, the displays were excellent, the show on saturday was just great, with a super variety of vehicles. The Hamilton Chapter had 36 in attendance. The banquet on saturday night was fun, just the right amount of ceremony, and the DJ was fun, we enjoyed the dancing too. Congratulations to the Ontario Chapter, for a meet well run.

      Roly Lusted VP Hamilton SDC

      Originally posted by Captain Billy View Post
      Just got home, it was certainly a great meet.....excellent location, food and weather... 70 + cars and trucks....

      Thanks to all the folks who made it through the clear skys and hot temperatures to attend

      See you in South Bend

      Susan Lusted, What's Happening Turning Wheels


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        The Made in Canada Meet was great! The organizers did an excellent job and the location right on the Bay of Quinte was ideal for the meet. It was a pleasure seeing Studebaker President Gordon Grundy's daughter Merry, as well as the widow of Ron Carr, our former National Fleet Manager, both of whom came out to visit. Also, seeing former Studebaker employees brought back old memories.
        Stu Chapman


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          Yes Roly + Stu, it seems that everyone had a good time.

          Thanks all for the kind words

          Bill Foy
          1000 Islands, Ontario
          1953 Starlight Coupe


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            A couple pix...having trouble with P'bucket lately, so these are just a taster...

            Overviews from an exterior service stairwell at the hotel

            More to follow eventually, when and if P'bucket ever decides to obey orders again...

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              OK...P'bucket is more obedient now...herewith a few more SMIC shots, I hope...

              By request, Denton Wright's 1933 President Eight Speedway coupe.

              More prewar Studes here...'40 Commander and '37 President coupe bracket an Avanti.

              My Lark and a nice '51 Champion soon after our arrival at the hotel.

              Very nice examples of a 2R and a '66 Commander.

              Four 1955 C/Ks.

              Division 8/9 (Modifieds) lineup. (I had to invent Division 11 on my ballot BTW. Division 11 is very specific: "Steve wants to take this one home". That award went to the bright-gold '54 coupe in this shot--Bob Suszek's "Goldenrod".)

              More to follow...



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                More from SMIC...

                Wagons Ho! Perhaps surprisingly there were but two station wagons at the event, but they were nice ones and very different from each other. Here they're parked together at the hotel before the actual show (at which they were in different divisions). '56 President Pinehurst and '64 Commander Wagonaire.

                Disparate treatments on two similar cars, both 1940 Commanders; the 4dr on the left is a stock restoration, the coupe on the right is a hotrod-in-progress powered by a Studebaker V8.

                58 Scotsman street rod and 50 Champion.

                Very different Hawks, only two years apart; it's testament to the brilliance of the '53 C/K design that both of these redesigns of that car look so fine in their own right.

                An entire exaltation of Larks attended SMIC; here are some of them...

                And over a dozen Avantis turned out. Most are seen here. The Avanti, of course, was never made in Canada (whatever some misguided car buffs may believe!), but we sure do like 'em north of 49, and CAOA did themselves proud with such a substantial showing of Sherwood Egbert's dream car...I often think I'd like one myself, maybe someday...

                Any other particular vehicles from SMIC anyone would like to see, let me know...I think I caught all 71 Studes/Avantis at SMIC (plus a '26 Big Six for sale in a garage six blocks away)...will be adding more pix of individual vehicles to a sub-album on P'bucket in due course.

                (And Stu--yep, I did get one of your car, and a really nice shot it is too.)

                Cheers all