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    Hi all , was wondering if anyone can tell me the differences between the commander and president in the 1939 model, The running boards, front and rear mudguards bonnet etc ,are they interchangable between each other and are all the bolt on panels the same for the coupe and sedan , For some reason my parts book has no listings on these items , and l,m chasing parts for my 39 president bussiness coupe , Thanks in advance guys

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    If Forum member Studebaker Wheel doesn't chime in here, private message him. He'll have the correct answer.
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      The major difference between a Commander and a President in 1939 was that the Commander used a six cylinder engine and the President used an eight cylinder engine (inline). This necessitated a longer nose/front end on the President models, therefore, things like the "bonnet"/hood and hood sides will NOT interchange from one to the other.
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        There is a 39 president for sale in Rockford Il. Check craigslist. That should give you most of the parts you need. Could be restored of parted out.


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