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Does buying up cheap junk Studebakers and parking them in a field till the day you die do any good?

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    Continue the discussion, but keep politics out of it, please.

    Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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      Originally posted by 5859 View Post
      All I have to say on this subject is this: When you have something you don't want to sell it drives some people crazy and they won't leave you alone or ever stop trying to buy it. When you decide to sell, often no one seems to want it anymore including the pests that wouldn't quit bothering you in the first place.
      Exactly. A friend and I were discussing this thread on the phone this evening. I made a comment about how there are way more Studebakers on this earth than owners. Think about it.. If all of these hoards of cars became available, how many people would step up and restore one of them, much less 50?

      I can remember being a kid (6 years old) and fighting over a toy with my little sister; only wanting it because she had it first. It seems that mentality doesn't always get left at childhood. <grin>


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        Sometimes, you are a very insightful you fella, when you want to be. I'd say your just about right on target. Some would indeed step up and buy the best of the hardtops, coupes and convertibles, but anything else would still be left to rot away, or perhaps be stripped of parts to complete the more desireable of the bunch. People just have to face reality, no one in their right mind would spend a fortune restoring a 6 cylinder sedan when they could spend that money on a trip to Vegas.


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          This one is pretty recent...however....