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  • Ignition bezel question

    Recently got a request to buy a new ignition bezel for a "Studebaker custom" 2R truck. (Custom in that in the late '60 my father and uncle transplanted a 1959 Lark 259/Flightomatic into the truck). When the drive line was swapped, an ignition switch and bezel from another Studebaker car was put in - had "START" cut in the bottom lip of the bezel.

    Recently the bezel for the ignition gave out and I got online to order a new one. Found that there are two varieties of these - one for 55-59(?) and then 60-66. They have arrived at their destination and I am told the only difference between two is the depth of the housing.

    Anyone have any idea why this was changed? Deeper bezel for the later (and longer) keys?

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    The early type said "Start", the later type do not.

    But the change to a deeper Bezel is most likely about the added plastic beveled RING spacer that goes behind the dash before the spring, to shine the light through the hole in the Bezel to light the key hole on Regals and other Ign Switch light equipped cars.
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