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  • t-96 transmission

    there is a t-96 transmission on Ebay says it is od this would work on a pick up with a 170" ?
    I currently have a t-86 but no OD same bell housing?
    this is a picture of it
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    Usually the pickups used a T90 tranny (a variant of the T86, with a straight cut first gear) for the six cylinder 3 speeds. The six cylinder cars used the T96. I don't believe it would work for you, but let's see what others think.
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      I thought that the car and truck transmissions wouldn't swap because of a different starter location? Innards yes, but different bellhousings?


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        Starter has nothing to do with transmissions, just bell housings. Trucks w/ the Champion 6 used the big Commander transmission(T-86, 89, 90) or 4 spd. trans, and Champion cars used the light T-96 trans which was also used in Willys, Henry J, & some other small cars. That trans is too light for use in a truck. Both transmissions were available with or w/o OD.
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