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Jeanne Loga's illness

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  • Jeanne Loga's illness

    It was reported to me today, and I hope I'm not duplicating any messages, that Jeanne Loga, wife of Ernie, had a brain aneurysm yesterday and was rushed to the Mayo Clinic. Your prayers and well wishes are needed by the family. All of Ernie's future plans are on hold for the time being.

    Frank Drumheller
    Locust Grove, VA
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    Ouch, Frank; sorry to hear of that. They just barely recovered from that fire, wasn't it?

    Good thoughts and prayers to them. BP
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      Yes, he was out of business for quite a while (and lost some angry NOT UNDERSTANDING customers in the process). He has been up and operating for a while now & I believe he got all caught up.
      Now this!
      Ernie & Jeanne, my prayers are with you!


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        Darn fine people! My best wishes and hopes for them both.


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          Ernie: Prayers are for Jeanne and you. Please keep us informed as to progress. The Lord is with you.

          studedick from the lower Ozarks


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            Ernie says she had an aneurysm AND a stroke. She has come to and was able to move her extremities. Our prayers are with you, Jeanne
            Barry'd in Studes


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              It sounds like she received great medical treatment quickly. My mom wasnt so fortunate, but that was in the 1980's. Today there are great strides in these cases that have aided recovery by leaps & bounds. The Webb clan wishes Jeanne a speedy & complete recovery. Anyone in Ernie's area could perhaps bring over a dinner or friut basket, something to help out & show support.
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                Have known both for years and they are great people. Our prayers are with the both of you. Give Jeanne a big hug and tell her we will be thinking of her.
                Brian and Aleta Millette


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                  Great Folk's, we will keep them in our prayers. JS
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                    Prayers from this end as well...

                    get well soon!!!
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                      The last posting about Jeanne Loga was on June 20th. Does anyone have any updated information on her condition and what the prognosis is for her recovery. The Loga's really have had a string of bad luck lately. God bless them!

                      Frank Drumheller
                      Locust Grove, VA
                      M16-52 1948 Studebaker/Boyer fire truck


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                        Has anyone heard about how Ernie's wife is doing?