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AACA Grand National Show in Shelbyville, Tennessee

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  • AACA Grand National Show in Shelbyville, Tennessee

    I showed my Speedster at the AACA Grand National Show in Shelbyville last week and brought home a Grand National Senior Tab. Also showing cars was Alice and Les Harris with a twin to my Speedster getting a First Grand National and Joe Walker getting his First Junior on his great 55 wagon. Alice and Les are my new heroes, having driven a car about 800 miles from new Jersey for their First Grand National. Pictures of the show are at the link below.
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    Congratulations all. That is a nice line up of '55s.
    Gary Sanders
    Nixa, MO


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      Nice lineup indeed. Congratulations on the win(s). BP
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        Congrats, and cool pics! Was hoping there was a better shot of that 55 Willys Bermuda, also a rare bird. Dad had one of those when I was a little guy.
        Thanks for posting the pics.
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          Big achievement. Nice going you guys.
          Mike - Assistant Editor, Turning Wheels
          Fort Worth, TX

          1964 Avanti R2 #R-4986


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            I live in Shelbyville, and no one told me!
            I had to see them going down the street after the show.......Bummer!