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need help identifying a champion and estimating its value.

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  • need help identifying a champion and estimating its value.

    Hi folks, this is my first post here. So my father is a studebaker parts hoarder of sorts and the other day he decided after 20 some years of having a stripped bullet-nose, that it was time to find a new home for it. We need some help identifying exactly what it is and what range it might be worth so we can find a new home for it.

    It is a 50 or 51 champion 4 door. I have the serial # from the door post ( G 869309 ) and the tag on the firewall is 9G-wL / 378. I cant seem to find a vin on the frame. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place behind the drivers tire/door?

    Its been in Northern CA his house for ages. The body is amazingly straight and most of the sheet metal is useable or salvageable with mild rust. except the floors and trunk pan. Even the battery tray is usable. Its been largely stripped and has no engine or chrome. Half the car is in parts piled up inside it which we pulled out and took a few pictures of along with everything else. It has all the seat frames and spring cores a nice dash and lots of other bits.
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    9G from the body tag and a split windshield from the photo confirm that is a '50. Not sure if a '50 has a secret serial number on the frame or not. Later models do and its on the rearmost crossmember just in front of the rear bumper, stamped into the bottom flange so it faces the ground. Often no longer visible due to rust. That number would be the same as the serial number from the door post anyway and does not add any info other than if they didn't match it would mean at some point a frame/body swap in the car's history.

    Jeff in ND


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      You asked about value. I don't want to insult you or your father, but I have to tell you that there isn't much value, from what I can see. You have a 1950 Champion with the custom (low) trim level. Its the most high production car Studebaker ever made. The 1950 Champions are very stylish and are desirable to many, but the 4-door sedan is the least desirable of the different 1950 models (a 2-door "Starlight coupe" or convertible are the most sought after models). From what I can tell from a couple pictures, you have a parts car, apparently one without an engine. If you have the front chrome bullet and headlight chrome and their condition is good, those parts are worth a total of $200-$300. Decent bumpers might be worth another $100 each, and there are a few other odds and ends that are worth $10-50 each. All total, the sum of its parts may be worth more than the car itself, but even RETAIL eBay parts value is only $500-$700 at best, in my opinion (although even I don't put much value in my opinion). Roy Valdez is on this forum, lives in California, and parts out old bulletnose cars. Look him up. Good luck!
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        No insult at all to state how it is. Like all car hoarders he thinks all his junk is worth more than it is. He knows its the base model and "common", not exactly a Hemi Cuda, after all he saved it from the crusher at the local yard. He hasn't dealt with bakers in 20 years so doesn't know what they are worth or what parts from this shell might be sought after. Pointing me in the direction of any people who part stuff like this out or need a parts car in the area are more than welcome. I'll talk the old man into reason. I don't want to tow this thing too far anyway, for the price of gas its not worth it.


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          As stated, the car was a 1950 Champion Custom four door sedan. The car was built in Vernon/Los Angeles, not South Bend, so it is likely that it has been in California all of its life. The body code should read 9G-W1 (one not L).
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