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  • Fairground/Concours announcement!

    The entrance for the 2102 Concours on Thursday will again be Gate 7. This is the York Road entrance to the Fairgrounds. There will be signs to direct you to the correct Gate. You will be asked what Division you are having your vehicle judged or displayed in. You will then proceed into the Concours, and will be parked according to division as usual. If you have a vehicle that is being trailered in just for the Concours you may park the trailer along the south fence. Entrance for trailered vehicles on Concours Day will be Gate 7 as well. You will be shown where to park by the person at the Gate. Avantis are being parked in the appropriate place by AOAI folks. If you have any questions, please leave them here, or email

    You will be able to park your vehicle on Wednesday evening. Security will be present.

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    For Avanti owners who have paid for both SDC and AOAI concours judging, will both the SDC and AOAI know where I will be?


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      Yes, Bob. You will be placed in the right place, and an Excel spreadsheet will indicate how you paid to be judged. Also, we will have a PA system in the Concours this year for announcements. If there are questions on the day of the Concours, you will be instructed where to go.


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        There is a major coordination effort going on between AOAI/SDC on those cars that have been registered to be judged by both groups. As you can imagiine everyone needs to know where these cars are located.
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          I had posted on the judging forum, but only had one reply. What is the advantage or disadvantage of having my 76 Avanti judged by SDC or AOAI judges, or both? This is my second IM and I just displayed my 76 at Gettysburg last year and am planning on having it judged this year. While doing the registration online, I also had questions as to which division to put it in. The car has the original 400 in it (although it was "blinged" out when rebuilt last year with a lot of chrome and different air cleaner). The TH400 trans was also replaced by a 200 R4. Car was repainted a different color than original many years before I bought the car. The engine compartment is also a different color than the outside if the car. The car has new wire wheels also. My question is whether the car would be more appropriate in the Division 6 Newman & Altman Avantis, or in the modified division. I saw that points can be deducted for being entered in the wrong division, so I'm trying to make sure that I'll have the car in the right division.


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            Are you a member of a chapter of AOAI? Perhaps they can help. Here is also what I would do, if you are unsure of the division of Avanti, when you get to the Concours, ask the people parking the cars to make sure you are in the right division. When you enter the Concours you will be directed to the Avanti area. The Avantis are being parked by Avanti folks so that members cars are in the right division. I hope this helps.