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    I have a pair of 64-66 front fenders without the inner fender panels. NOS, but some surface rust from poor storage. No rust through.

    Half price -- $225/pair. Must be picked up (northern Md near I-70) or can deliver to Reedsville or York meets.
    Skip Lackie


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      Originally posted by candbstudebakers View Post
      Chris is that price with or with out inter fender? some work required to change inter fender from on to another.
      All front and rear fendrs are sold w/o the inner section.
      Chris Dresbach


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        I have a solid 66 fender - NO rust - price of shipping by Greyhound bus lines.
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          Originally posted by Chris_Dresbach View Post
          We never had any '64-'66 NOS deck lids, even back at SASCO. Supposedly N&A didn't have them either.
          Apparently; when the existing supply of trunk lids ran out, that was the 'signal' for Studebaker to stop building cars in early 1966. Something about a critical mold/press breaking earlier and the company seeing the writing on the wall.............

          Sold my 1962; Studeless at the moment

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            Actually the difference Bob is referring to is what is called in the parts book "air deflector" which differs between the single & dual headlamp cars. The other 2 parts that make the front fender assembly are the inner apron & the outer fender which are the same through 64-66.

            It appears by the parts book that all 65's had dual headlamps so if your looking for used fenders & it is for a 64, make sure it's for dual headlamps because the 64 Challenger & Commander came standard with single headlamps which would also fit all 66's.
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