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  • '52 Champion question

    My dad is putting his 52 Champion back together and can't figure out how the fuel door goes on. It was already off of the car when he bought it, so he's worried that it's the wrong one since it should be pretty straight forward to install I'd think. Does anyone have any installed pics of the fuel door and hinge mounting? He would greatly appreciate it.

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    The hinge is on the top.

    The short side of the hinge bolts to the fender with either screws and nuts, or maybe there are studs on the fender. The screws/studs are vertical and the nuts are on the bottom.

    The long side of the hinge screws to the fuel door with sheet metal screws.

    There are springs on both ends of the hinge.

    Does the fuel door fit in the fender opening? The finger pull is on the bottom of the door.
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      Click image for larger version

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      These may help.

      Get the door centered and tightened; then install the springs.
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        Thanks guys, I'll pass it on. I presume the door fits the opening, he says it looks like it should work but doesn't know how it goes. Maybe he thinks it should open front/back instead of up/down? I haven't seen the car in person, so I couldn't try to figure it out for him.