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South Bend McKinley Terrace Conestoga Picture

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  • South Bend McKinley Terrace Conestoga Picture

    I bought this picture in May at the South Bend swap.
    The seller I got it from said he got it from a man that built the house or maybe had something to do with the development.
    It was almost too big to scan because it's about 10 1/4" by 13 1/4". It's stapled in the corners to a piece of illustration board. It has some airbrushing done to it too. Maybe it was used to show the houses to potential buyers.
    I used a digital editor to brighten and remove a couple of stains.
    I think the address is 3419. I can't make out the date on the license plate.
    I just thought it was neat and wanted to share it.
    John V.
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    I dont see any side chrome above the rear wheel well, i'd say it's a 55 or a cheap 54. I'd have to say late 1955 looks like a wrap around windshield with a straight up front post.
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      Nice, I would like to have that Conestoga script from the tailgate.
      Pat Dilling
      Olivehurst, CA
      Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

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        Thanks, for sharing. I like these old shots. I would love to have that script too, Pat, and still have the rest of the car attached. LOL